Laura Haysom
Business and Admin Manager

Laura Haysom

As the front line of contact with the clients, I get the satisfaction of seeing how pleased people are when we pull out all the stops and get them a mortgage that really works for them. Being able to support them through the whole process of organising a mortgage means we can build a good relationship and that’s the part of the job I really enjoy.

It’s interesting too. Previously, I worked for a conveyancing solicitor, for around 10 years, so had seen that part of the property-buying process. Now being a part of the stage before that, securing a mortgage, is fascinating as there are so many variables and it’s quite exciting waiting to see if people will be accepted or not.

I see my job as very important because I have the most contact with the clients so can help resolve issues, update them and take some of the stress out of the process to help them along the journey to owning their dream home.

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